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  • AAA Access News Vol 3 2013
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How Courses are Delivered

IATA incorporates a team of access professionals, who have developed a range of training programs, short courses and publications in response to identified needs. These programs are delivered across Australia at independent locations as well as into workplaces that have a specific requirement.

IATA utilises a range of teaching methodologies that incorporate presentation, discussion, participant interaction, photographs, and experimental activities and, where relevant, technical exercises as well as a good dose of humour.

These methodologies provide a range of diverse learning opportunities for participants and create a learning environment that supports all participants’ preferences and learning styles. It also supports a ‘safe’ learning environment where participants feel comfortable in expressing their concerns or limitations and are supported in developing an improved understanding of access issues and solutions.

Participants are encouraged to challenge their existing knowledge and extend their boundaries whilst they expand their skill base.

The aim of IATA programs is to provide participants with knowledge and confidence as well as a practical Tool Kit to use when undertaking their work.