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Access Audits & Appraisals

Access Audits

We incorporate Australian accredited and qualified access professionals who have also undertaken access studies overseas. We undertake comprehensive access audit programs to meet your requirements. These can range from an individual facility to several hundred as required. Reports are provided that can complement and link with your asset management system requirements.

Access audits are undertaken on a wide range of premises including buildings, parking bays, streetscapes, play spaces, business precincts, sporting, recreation and leisure facilities, parks and reserves and any other area of the built environment. Service and communications audits and evaluations are also provided.

Access Checklists and Publications

We produce easy to use Access Checklists and Publications for use in an ‘Access Tool Kit’ by staff responsible for a range of access improvement issues within organisations. These have included a range of Councils and organisations within both metropolitan and rural areas.

IATA has developed 33 Access Awareness Handbooks covering a wide range of topics. We also produce our free Access News on a quarterly basis both on line and in hard copy

Access Appraisals

We undertake disability access appraisals of services, events, streetscapes, play space precincts and all manner of outdoor environments. General or specific access guidelines are also developed for a range of events.


We provide an extensive range of training and awareness programs and courses to meet the individual access needs of individuals and organisations.

We have undertaken many hundreds of presentations in relation to Universal Access Awareness issues. These incorporate generic cross - organisational programs and inductions as well as service specific programs covering a wide range of areas. These include Disability Access Awareness for Libraries, Festivals and Events, Customer Services, and issue specific sessions regarding Accessible Car Parking, Tactile Ground Service Indicators, Planning and Development, Built Environment, Assets Playgrounds and Streetscapes and Disability Action Plans as well as many others. A full listing is available in our Training Courses and Publications Guide (Download PDF version, size: 454kb)

Access Inclusive Marketing Strategies

We can assist you to review your marketing strategies to ensure they maximise the benefits and opportunities provided by an access for all approach. Consumers with disabilities, older adults and people with other access challenges will only use your services if they are aware of the accessible elements that can assist them in their service choices. We can assist you to advertise them effectively.

Access Complaints Resolution

We can assist you to meet your legal obligations in relation to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and we support you in addressing and resolving access complaints